Saturday, August 7, 2010

Windows & Smoking

Windows is like a bad habit that you started long ago and you have been meaning to break. Sure it's not bad for your body like cigarettes are but it just might be bad for your mind. Not too long ago Microsoft said  Linux was like a cancer in the computer industry. Perhaps they are just deflecting the truth so others won't notice that Microsoft has been the cancer in the computer industry. Others allege that they have stealing ideas and calling them their own for many years. The future is about open standards Multi-platform and getting your information and applications where you want them and when you want them.

The OS won't matter so long as you can get the information that you need. Operating systems should fade into the background anyway. It's always been about the programs you want to run. That's why we are making Aladdin 4D for all platforms. We want you to be able to run it when you want, where you want and on the system you want. Of course we don't charge for the Windows version. Why would we do that to you? We want you to break the habit after all. In the future Windows will just be another dumb terminal virtual machine. You'll boot it up once in a while to run that one application that just fills a ancient certain need. The rest of the time you will forget about Windows. Like us, for the most part you will have broken the bad habit almost for good. Unlike smoking we can run Windows once and a while and it's OK, we don't have to worry about getting cancer from an OS.

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Electronic Sally said...

I'm done with windows keeps on crashing on me,what else can I use?