Wednesday, October 31, 2012

8 is Enough! (Day 1 of 8)

We promised an "October Surprise"and even though Halloween is over we will deliver just in time. It's not what you are expecting, no Aladdin4D 6.0 news unfortunately. But you already knew that right? Just before the end of October Windows 8 launched for phones, tablets and personal computers. So for the next 8 days (not in a row) we will be discussing why you should not upgrade or buy Windows 8 on any device. Windows 7 does the job well so we are not sure why this Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde OS even came out.

It attempts to be a kind of jack of all trades and succeeds at none. It uses a tiled interface that has failed on Windows Phone for over two years. Now since that has been a complete failure Microsoft has chosen to force their Windows customers to adopt the same interface that was already rejected on phones. It's a risky venture and uses the Windows customer base as pawns to extend Microsoft's Apple envy. Maybe they don't have a choice. Apple is worth over half a trillion dollars now and the iPhone alone is a bigger than Microsofts entire business. We knew in 2007 when we took over the destiny of Aladdin4D that Windows would slowly fade into obscurity. That's why we promised to never sell Aladdin4D for Windows way back then. What we did not know is Microsoft's greed would make them force customers to leave Windows in droves. That is what Windows 8 is doing to their market. If you currently use Windows 7 and are happy please continue. That OS like XP works pretty well and does the job if you need to run Windows hardware/software. Please don't join the Win8 experiment/horror story. That devil coming out of a small software box will harm customers for years to come. Windows reimagined into your worst nightmare.

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