Sunday, December 9, 2012

Horrible Endings! (Day 8 of 8)

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Twitter campaign goes horribly wrong. Microsoft launched a Twitter advertising campaign aimed at getting Android users to complain about their devices. However, the company's ploy flopped.

The Internet can be a breeding ground for drama, especially when it comes to social media. Microsoft seems to have learned that the hard way, as its recent Twitter campaign against Android hopelessly backfired. The long-time PC software maker launched a campaign asking Android users to share their malware horror stories via Twitter with the hashtag #DroidRage. In exchange, these tweeters would get the chance to win a new Windows Phone handset. 
Google’s Director of Open Source, Chris DiBona, fired back at Microsoft with the following:
“Wanna see what Flop Sweat looks like? Follow: @WindowsPhone”
Other Twitter users had this to say when it comes to Windows Phone vs. Android.
“Microsoft slamming Android with #DroidRage for malware issues? Have you seen your desktop?” user Apurva Chaudhary tweeted.


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