Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stench of Death!

The reason that M$ is pulling out all the stops and racing the train full speed to release Windows 7 is they know Vista already has the "Stench of Death". Vista is/was a failure and it's hurting their bottom line. The smell of death and decay is affecting the entire Windows ecosystem. Will Se7en be enough to save the brand? We doubt it. Little Asian children pimping Windows and bizarre poorly scripted launch party's are not the solution. What's next? Lady's of the evening on the corner telling John's don't forget your Windows 7 upgrade pretty please?

Once a brand is dead to customers it's very hard to bring it back. Maybe 7 will save the brand or maybe not. The patient is already dead (Vista), the Frankenstein resurrection is scheduled for October 22nd, 2009. Win or loose it should be a fun ride. The Windows version of Aladdin 4D will not be along for that ride since it's the last version we will complete. At least Windows XP users are spared the horrible but free Windows Movie Maker. It's for Vista and Win7 only thank goodness. MS should give everyone a carrot and include their recently murdered/slaughtered app Caligari trueSpace. Then the dead could walk together hand and hand.

Windows Is Dead?

If Windows 7 does not sell by the bucket loads then our Tombstone graphic might very well come true. There is no guarantee that Windows 7 will since it's just Vista warmed over. No applications required Vista or 7. Aladdin 4D for Windows will work fine on Windows 2000 or XP. With terrible marketing campaigns like the video below, 7 might not be a lucky number for Windows. If Windows 7 fails the company behind it is so doomed. We are glad Aladdin 4D is not attached to this ball and chain OS.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Glorious Black & White!

Go on, admit it the Aladdin 4D Blog is your dirty little secret. It's what keeps you up late at night and excites you when your RSS reader lights up and informs you it has been updated. You love the silly satire and countless senseless attacks on Windows when the blog should be about Aladdin 4D! You never got so much information about Windows that you never wanted. Now help the future of Aladdin 4D and have it delivered wireless in ultimate black & white on your Kindle! Monthly Price: $0.99 & includes wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. If you loved it in color just image the joy and excitement of politically correct B & W. Buy and enjoy via the link below.

Aladdin 4D Blog Kindle Edition

Aladdin 4D Upgrade Offer

While we can't discount the current price of Aladdin 4D ($99) we do have an interesting offer for you. Purchase the current version of Aladdin 4D 5.0 from now until October 5th, 2009 and get a free upgrade to Aladdin 4D 6.0 on the platform of your choice when it ships. Aladdin 4D 5.0 is available as a instant download with PDF manual once you purchase it. If for some reason we do not ship Aladdin 4D 6.0 on the platform of your choice in the next 12 months then your money will be refunded and you will get to keep Aladdin 4D 5.0 as a free gift. This offer does not included the Windows version of Aladdin 4D, that will always be free when another version of 6.0 is purchased. The Windows version has no shipping date and it will be the last version completed. Please indicate which platform you wish to upgrade to when you purchase your instant download of version 5.0.

Buy Aladdin 4D 5.0 Instant Download below for your Amiga Forever 2009, WinUAE, E-UAE, Classic Amiga, Amiga OS 4.x & MorphOS 2.3. Aladdin 4D is a entry level 3D animation program for hobbyists and beginners. It still has some impressive gaseous and particle effects you will enjoy. If you outgrow Aladdin 4D 5.0 within six months and buy LightWave 3D for Mac OS X save your receipt and we will refund you $50 from today's purchase price.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teaser Screenshots from the Mac OS X version of Aladdin 4D

Mockup of Possible New Aladdin4D Website

Here is a mock up of a possible new website for Aladdin4D, please enjoy. Please give us some feedback on the site. We enjoy hearing from you. To date Aladdin 4D has sold over 18,000 copies and has a older but large installed base.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Virtual Machine Amiga Forever 2009 Recently Released!

Recently Cloanto updated their excellent Virtual Machine Amiga Forever. Cloanto's AF is one of the finest examples of virtual machine technology. It recreates all classic Amiga computer modules including ECS & AGA chipsets. It's even able to run faster than any classic Amiga ever could. Many new features are included like one-click AmiKit / AmigaSys integration. This allows setting up a high end based Amiga a piece of cake. Aladdin 4D 5.0 runs blazing fast in this virtual environment. Purchase Amiga Forever 2009 via the link below.

Amiga Forever 2009