Monday, August 30, 2010

So Long, Farewell: AMD to Kill ATI Brand Name

Rest in Peace ATI Brand. AMD is killing off the name very soon. Their market research shows the AMD name is more well known then ATI. This did not work so well when Macy's killed off the famous Marshall Fields brand name but that's another industry and story altogether.

Future versions of Aladdin 4D will take advantage of powerful GPU's in ATI cards and NVIDIA cards.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NVIDIA intros 3D Vision Pro for professional workstations

In October NVIDIA will introduce new professional glasses that are said to eliminate line-of-sight and crosstalk issues that often plague IR glasses used for at-home viewing applications.
The new glasses bring “true stereo 3-D to the desktop” and provide a 150ft wireless range to RF synching. The glasses were designed for modern professional workstations and multiuser, large-scale visualization environments, such as video walls and collaborative virtual environments.


When will you Imagine?

We have been trying to do a historical/where are they now article on Imagine 3D (Amiga version) but have had a tough time tracking down the original developer. First as Silver, then Turbo Silver; Imagine was an important piece of 3D rendering/animation software on the Amiga computer and was ahead of it's time. We have now reached out to CAD Technologies and requested they let us know the current status of this long lived great Amiga 3D program.

Image created by  Michael Lenz with Imagine 3D