Sunday, January 15, 2012

After Death, Comes Rebirth

After the death of Commodore in 1994 the Amiga died with it in a way. Millions of sales died, major developer support died,  a steady release of new applications and games died. Even sales of the legendary Video Toaster in the USA eventually died off for the Amiga. But the Video Toaster was reborn and thrives today in a wide range of portable editing / live video production products called TriCaster. So too was the Amiga reborn as Amiga Virtual Machine (Amiga Forever), Amiga OS 4.x, MorphOS, AROS & FPGA based solutions. 

 The spirt outlived the silicon. Maybe one day one or more of these solutions will again achieve millions of sales for Amiga fans. So too will Aladdin 4D be reborn. From the ashes of the Amiga platform it will reemerge as a platform independent beginners 3D animation/rendering package. Reincarnation and enlightenment just takes time. The ghost in the machine does not have instantaneous programming skills. Humans must do that and it's not instantaneous, it takes some time to get it right.