Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Four Headsmen of Amiga (Reprint from August 2008)

Please note the Blog entry below is a reprint from August of 2008. We have re-posted it because it shows the value in competition between the four headsmen of Amiga.

The first time around when the Amiga was doing things other home computers never even thought of doing, Ray-traced 3D animation, stereo sound, bit blitter graphics, multitasking, etc, the Amiga lost out in the platform wars. Even the Mac lost out and was replace in name alone with a much more powerful hybrid. A NeXT, FreeBSD, Unix based operating system (Mac OS X). This time around the Amiga is not alone and has four headsmen; MorphOS, Amiga OS 4.1, AROS, Amiga Virtual Machine (Amiga Forever 2009). The IT industry is still young and at least one or more of these will rise again and be enjoyed by millions. The Amiga itself sold over 7 million machines and it was an exciting time. How many versions of the four headsmen of the Amiga will sell in the future is unknown but we hope for exciting times again. Innovative Developers and users will make it happen this time not a solo greedy parent company. We know who you were thinking but we meant Commodore.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The fastest graphics card in the world

Techradar did a nice review of the ATI Radeon HD 5970, the fastest graphics card in the world. This will increase the speed of your 3D animation renderings if you 3D App is GPU aware. We ae exploring making future versions of Aladdin 4D take advantage of the fast rendering times that GPU's offer.

ATI Radeon HD 5970 Review

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MS Boggie Nights!

The following YouTube video is so disturbing that we are at a loss for words. Please watch it yourself. While it was inspired by Steve Balmer he is not one of the dancers this time.

YouTube MS Boggie Nights

Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Guide to MorphOS

Great guide to one of the cool operating systems that Aladdin 4D is being ported to. Enjoy the long and detailed read below.

MorphOS Guide

7 Things Gizmodo Hates About Windows 7!

Gizmodo has listed the top seven things they hate about the new version of Windows. We have a longer list but don't want to go into it right now.

Gizmodo Win7

Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Offers Ending Soonish!

Yo!  fellow 3D animators and royalty free music collectors, two of our offers are ending very soon. Great deal on SoundTraxx Vol I ends in 24 hours and Aspire in 4D offer ends in six days. Just want to keep you in the loop friends.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please nominate us for Crunchies

If you don't mind please nominate us via the following link.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Great Partner Product for Aladdin 4D - SoundTraxx is Available Now!

SOUNDTRAXX - Royality Free Digital Music Library 

Available Now!

Chicago, November 11th, 2009 - Visual Effects company DiscreetFX Inc., developer of animated effects elements/transitions is teaming up with a long established talented royalty free music developer to bring you an exciting audio library on a G CLEF note flash drive. Also available on primitive antiquated DVD-ROM's or CD-ROM's upon request. Bring some exciting background music to your video productions or Aladdin 4D renders.

Works with all Amiga Video Toaster Flyers, Amiga Virtual Machines (Amiga Forever 2009), MorphOS, Amiga OS 4.x, AROS software that supports the MP3 audio standard.

You have seen the DiscreetFX demo video that shows many of our popular digital video effects. We used one of the included music tracks from this collection. It's been demonstrated time and time again that well created background music enhances that value and enjoyment of any film or video production. Great audio is key to making your videos better. How about enhancing your creations by including a mandatory killer SoundTraxx? If you have not seen the DiscreetFX demo video a link to it is below for your convenience. Samples of the entire collection are also available via the link below to allow you to preview this amazing music collection. Virtual Characters Harmony & Mike stated this is one product you will not want to do without. SoundTraxx Volume I Royalty Free Music Library is available immediately for an introductory price of $69.95 for the next 72 hours. After that, the normal price will be $99.95 plus shipping. Order during the sale and priority shipping will be free in the USA. Worldwide shipping will be available at a discounted price. Sale is already over, you missed it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Music Product to Enhance your Aladdin 4D Animations

Sadly our offer to upgrade any old abandoned Amiga 3D animation package to Aladdin 4D 5.0 is now over. But we are releasing a  new music product tomorrow that can be used to add an exciting soundtrack to your Aladdin 4D animations or any video production you create.

Only 6 Hours Left!

You only have about six hours left to take advantage of our competitive upgrade offer from other Amiga 3D animation packages to Aladdin 4D 5.0. If you snooze you loose, don't expect this offer again.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Feeling Abandoned and Lonely?

Feeling abandoned and lonely since your 3D animation software provider abandoned Amiga and you with  it? After all you spent good money on your Amiga 3D App and are sad that the developer went out of business or left the platform for greener Windows. Well, we have a great offer for you. If you can prove ownership of your competing 3D animation package we will offer you a very generous upgrade path to Aladdin 4D 5.0. It does not matter if you own old versions of Tornado 3D, Sculpt Animate 4D, TurboSilver, Imagine, Lightwave, VideoScape 3D, VistaPro, Cinema4D, WildFire 7 or even Sculpt 3D. It does not matter if the company that made your 3D software went out of business or no longer supports the Amiga version of their software. If you can prove you own it we will give you a discount. Why not upgrade to the only commercial 3D animation package still supported on AmigaOS and being upgraded for Amiga OS 4.x, MorphOS 2.x and AROS? Contact with your proof of ownership via the link below. If you are willing to send us your old 3D animation program we can give you an even better discount. If you want to take advantage of this offer you have to hurry since it ends in 48 hours.

Competitive Upgrade to Aladdin 4D 5.0

Monday, November 2, 2009

Aspire in 4D!

Chicago, Illinois – November 2nd, 2009 (Offer Cancelled)

For Immediate Release

DiscreetFX & Acer are teaming up to bring you special pricing on Aladdin 4D. Purchase a dual booting Aspire One netbook between now and November 30th, 2009 and receive a discount on Aladdin 4D 5.0. The Aspire One running Google's Android OS is the first netbook that boots Android by default in 14 seconds. While this bootup is not as fast as Amiga OS 4.1 or MorphOS it is still an impressive feat. Customers have almost immediate access to Firefox, their e-mail and most other internet functions. Applications can also be purchased from the Android Store. Almost 10,000 applications are already available. Windows XP is also included and can be switched to with one click in Android. With this version of the Aspire One, XP becomes a guest operating system.

Just as owning a true IBM PC was no longer required in the 1990's since compatibility was achieved from clone makers such as DELL, Acer, Gateway, etc. Now Windows compatibility can be achieved by dual booting or even just running a Virtual Machine (VMWare) or the Windows API (CrossOver/Wine). DiscreetFX wishes to encourage this and thus is doing a special promotion with Acer. Only customers buying the Aspire One that runs Android will be eligible for a discount. After you purchase the netbook from your favorite retailer such as Amazon, send us a copy of your receipt and we will send you a Paypal invoice for a discounted price on Aladdin 4D 5.0. After you pay this invoice you will receive an e-mail with a link to download Aladdin 4D instantly with PDF manual.

You will also get a included upgrade coupon for a discount to the upcoming Aladdin 4D 6.0 on the platform of your choice. Sadly we are no longer offering free upgrades to 6.0. Aladdin 4D is a perfect 3D animation package for beginners or someone just getting started in animation software. Aladdin 4D renders almost instantly on the Acer Aspire One. Since Android is a version of Linux we are exploring adding support for it with the Linux version of Aladdin 4D 6.0. In order to run Aladdin 4D 5.0 with your Aspire One you will need to own a copy of Amiga Forever 2009 or WinUAE. If you don't already own this fantastic virtual machine please purchase via the link below. Since you will be running AmigaOS on your Aspire One we recommend buying the ruby red model. The Aspire One comes in black, blue and ruby red.

Acer stated the majority of Acer netbooks will offer Android in the future, Acer believes Android “will contribute significantly to the worldwide netbook market growth.”

Amiga Forever 2009

Aspire One

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best way to run the current version of Aladdin 4D 5.0

While you wait for new versions of Aladdin 4D, one of the best ways to run the current version really fast is on the new dual booting Aspire One from Acer. This netbook boots into Android OS within 14 seconds, then if you need to run XP it's just a click away. Run XP to launch Aladdin 4D via Amiga Forever 2009 or WinUAE. Aladdin 4D runs very fast in this environment. The Shuttle demo project renders in a few seconds. Buy the Aspire One and Amiga Forever 2009 via the links below. Buy Aladdin 4D via the button on the upper right corner of the Blog. Purchasers that buy the 3D animation software will receive instructions by e-mail to download the package and the PDF manual instantly. You will also qualify for an upgrade offer for Aladdin 4D 6.0 when it ships.

Aspire One Dual Booting Netbook

Amiga Forever

The Lost Decade

Daniel Lyons wrote an interesting article for Newsweek that talks about why Microsoft has been in trouble since Bill Gates stepped down and why the company has lost it's way for the last ten years. We consider Windows to be yesterday's tech and yes that includes Windows 7. Not only do we not sell Aladdin 4D for Windows, that version will be included for free when you buy the application for other platforms. This gesture is only to support customers and we consider the Windows version to be our lowest priority.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

AROS gets accelerated 3D!

The incredible coder Krzysztof "Deadwood" Smiechowicz has released an "alpha demo" of 3D acceleration under AROS, and you can already use it on Icaros Desktop 1.1.5, you just need a GeForce card supported by the nuveau driver (GeForce 4, FX, 6 and 7 series, except probably some cut-down models). 3D acceration in AROS will come in handy for the AROS version of Aladdin 4D.

New Infinity Reboot Feature

If your upgrading from Windows Vista to Win7 you may encounter a new feature we like to call "Infinity Reboot ". Hope and pray you don't encounter this because your machine goes into an endless reboot process.Infinity Reboot is just one of several problems that Windows upgraders are dealing with. It's just MS way of saying thank you for buying Vista and 7. The Windows version of Aladdin 4D will not have this feature. More information via the linked news website below.

PC World Article

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Broken Promises

In their latest video Ad, Apple highlights the broken promises that Windows has given us over the span of many, many years. This is the main reason we devalue the importance of the Windows version of Aladdin 4D. More information via the article linked below.

Huffington Post

Friday, October 23, 2009

Windows 7 Whopper???

You have to see the video to believe it. Watch via the first link below.

Win7 Whopper

PC World Win7 Whopper

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Best System to run the Mac OS X version of Aladdin 4D

Apple started shipping a brand new machine today, it's just in time to rain on the parade of the Win7 launch on October 22nd, 2009. This new 27-inch iMac is the best way to run Aladdin 4D for Mac OS X. Most 3D animation software packages will fly on this machine. The giant and gorgeous  27-inch screen will make your Aladdin 4D animations shine. Get more information, watch videos and or purchase the new iMac via the link below. Rub the Lamp, Render the Magic!

New 16:9 wide screen iMac

BetaNews Article

Monday, October 19, 2009

Market Caps and Apples

Sometimes we get asked why we don't make Aladdin 4D for Windows only and not other operating systems. The claim is with all the DELL, HP and Gateway's (now deceased/bought out) running Windows the business case is sound. Lets forget the death of Calagari trueSpace for a minute, which was Windows only.

 Many don't know this but Apple is eight times the size of Dell, larger than HP, larger than Intel, forty times the size of Acer and now 70% the size of Microsoft and closing. The business case for Aladdin 4D on Mac OS X is clear. Since DELL's, Acer's, and HP PC's run Linux as well as Windows, we don't miss out on those sales either. Once you open the curtain and look through it, the possibility's are endless in the post Windows world.

All Legal Issues Resolved for Amiga OS 4.x!

Great news last weekend for Amiga OS 4.x fans!

The Amiga Inc. vs Hyperion Entertainment lawsuit is finally over. After years and years of uncertainty, the two parties have now reached an extensive, end-all-be-all settlement agreement under which Hyperion gets the rights to the Amiga trademarks, as well as the rights to AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.x, and any possible future version. This outcome is fantastic news for Amiga fans and Aladdin 4D customers that are excited to run A4D under Amiga OS 4.1 in the future. News and comments via the link below on Amiga news portal site amigaworld.net

Hyperion and Amiga Inc. reach settlement

Congradulations MorphOS Team!

On October 12th, 2009 The MorphOS development team announced the public release of MorphOS 2.4, the first ever public version to install on Mac mini G4 machines.This is great news for MorphOS customers and future customers and expands the base of users that can buy the MorphOS version of Aladdin 4D 6.0. MorphOS butterfly on blue Apple Image courteous of MorphZone.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mac OS X version of Aladdin 4D Development Ahead of Schedule

The famous Shuttle scene from Aladdin 4D is now working multi-platform! This is a major milestone since Shuttle is one of the most complex A4D objects. Thanks to the advance development tools provided by Apple, the Mac OS X version  of Aladdin 4D is proceeding ahead of schedule. This does not mean that the other platforms are not just as important (except the Windows version). It just means the Mac OS X version will be the first version of Aladdin 4D 6.0 that ships.

Windows Guy?

You may have already heard that the innocent cast of Family Guy are the latest virtual shills for Windows 7. Will this be enough to help the ailing brand stop loosing market-share? Get ready for a full 30 minutes of Windows promotion woven into the show. Viewing is optional and is not required. Fast Company reported last year that a 30-second spot on "Family Guy" cost $200,000. Do the math to find out what thirty minutes would cost. Only time will tell if this marketing effort will pay off. More information via the LA Times article linked below.

Family Guy & Windows 7

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Windows 7 Assigned Guest OS Status

At an Acer product launch in central London earlier today, Register Hardware got up close and personal with the firm’s first netbook to ship with two operating systems. The machine has been updated to run both Google’s Android OS and the 32-bit version of Windows 7.

The first point to note is that despite this two-OS capability, you can actually only boot up into Android. Switch the machine on from scratch or do a restart, and you'll go straight to the Google OS.
To load Windows 7, you must first start Android, then select "Switch OS" from Android’s slide-out menu and then wait for Windows to load up in the usual way.

Read full article and watch a YouTube video of dual booting via link below.

Dual Booting Acer Netbook

The Linux version of Aladdin 4D is very important for us but the Windows version is not. As you already know and as noted in the article above Windows continues to loose market-share and relevance.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

7 in 11?

The release of version 7 of Windows will be here next week. Windows 7 is a better version of Vista, which failed miserably in the market, but will 7 succeed where Vista flunked? Seven is a desperate grab to save the Windows brand from the perception that Windows is a garbage operating system. This reputation was well earn in the past. The future is not certain but things should start to become clear on October 22nd, 2009. TG Daily seems to think Se7ven might be selling well by 2011 but they are not sure.

TG Daily Article

Our song remains the same about the Windows version of Aladdin 4D. We will never sell that version to customers but we will included it for free once it's complete. Customers will have to buy Aladdin 4D 6.0 on other platforms to get the Windows version of the 3D animation package.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Upgrade Offer Over

Our offer to include an an upgrade to Aladdin 4D 6.0 with orders for Instant Download sales of Aladdin 4D 5.0 is now officially over. We have removed the "Buy It Now" button from the sales news story. We want to thank everyone that participated. This deal, that ended October 5th, 2009 helped us understand which operating systems Aladdin 4D owners were most interested in using A4D with in the future.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sale Almost Over, Last Chance to Save

Our deal including the next version of Aladdin 4D when you buy the current version for $99.95 is over in 24 hours. If your interested in using this unique 3D animation package please act now. Prices on Aladdin 4D will be going up not down in the future to help R & D. Waiting to buy will cost customers more not less.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Only Three Days Left!

Our free upgrade offer for current buyers of version 5.0 of Aladdin 4D will be ending in less than three days. If your interested in using this unique 3D animation package please act now. Prices on Aladdin 4D will be going up not down in the future to help R & D. Waiting to buy will cost customers more not less.

Buy now until October 5th, 2009 and get a free upgrade to Aladdin 4D 6.0 on the platform of your choice when it ships. Aladdin 4D 5.0 is available as a instant download with PDF manual once you purchase it. If for some reason we do not ship Aladdin 4D 6.0 on the platform of your choice in the next 12 months then your money will be refunded and you will get to keep Aladdin 4D 5.0 as a free gift. This offer does not included the Windows version of Aladdin 4D, that will always be free when another version of 6.0 is purchased. The Windows version has no shipping date and it will be the last version completed. Please indicate which platform you wish to upgrade to when you purchase your instant download of version 5.0.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Autodesk lost it's battle with Timothy Vernor

A Seattle judge ruled in favor of a man arguing that he has the right to sell secondhand software, in a case that had some people worried about an end to used-book and CD stores.

The suit was initially filed by Timothy Vernor after eBay, responding to requests by Autodesk, removed the Autocad software that Vernor was trying to sell on the auction site. EBay later banned Vernor from the site, based on Autodesk's complaints.

Vernor argued that since he was selling legitimate versions of the software -- not illegal copies -- he hadn't violated any laws. Autodesk contends that it doesn't "sell" its software, but instead licenses it and therefore prohibits buyers from reselling it.

Our position on this is you have every right to resell Aladdin 4D if you no longer need it. We recommend selling it for a high price to get some ROI but it's ultimately up to you. We only ask that you send us a one page statement transferring ownership information so we can keep the new customer informed about updates. Autodesk is just trying to make EULA excuses to insure everyone buys brand new copies. They are welcome to do that but it's not very customer friendly. We have no intention of punishing customers for their support. Buy, own and enjoy Aladdin 4D like you would a brand new Porsche. If you move on to LightWave 3D or stop using 3D software sell your copy with our blessing. We hope you had fun while it lasted and maybe you will come back one day.

Autodesk Vs Timothy Vernor

More Screenshots

More Screen Shots from the Mac OS X port for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stench of Death!

The reason that M$ is pulling out all the stops and racing the train full speed to release Windows 7 is they know Vista already has the "Stench of Death". Vista is/was a failure and it's hurting their bottom line. The smell of death and decay is affecting the entire Windows ecosystem. Will Se7en be enough to save the brand? We doubt it. Little Asian children pimping Windows and bizarre poorly scripted launch party's are not the solution. What's next? Lady's of the evening on the corner telling John's don't forget your Windows 7 upgrade pretty please?

Once a brand is dead to customers it's very hard to bring it back. Maybe 7 will save the brand or maybe not. The patient is already dead (Vista), the Frankenstein resurrection is scheduled for October 22nd, 2009. Win or loose it should be a fun ride. The Windows version of Aladdin 4D will not be along for that ride since it's the last version we will complete. At least Windows XP users are spared the horrible but free Windows Movie Maker. It's for Vista and Win7 only thank goodness. MS should give everyone a carrot and include their recently murdered/slaughtered app Caligari trueSpace. Then the dead could walk together hand and hand.

Windows Is Dead?

If Windows 7 does not sell by the bucket loads then our Tombstone graphic might very well come true. There is no guarantee that Windows 7 will since it's just Vista warmed over. No applications required Vista or 7. Aladdin 4D for Windows will work fine on Windows 2000 or XP. With terrible marketing campaigns like the video below, 7 might not be a lucky number for Windows. If Windows 7 fails the company behind it is so doomed. We are glad Aladdin 4D is not attached to this ball and chain OS.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Glorious Black & White!

Go on, admit it the Aladdin 4D Blog is your dirty little secret. It's what keeps you up late at night and excites you when your RSS reader lights up and informs you it has been updated. You love the silly satire and countless senseless attacks on Windows when the blog should be about Aladdin 4D! You never got so much information about Windows that you never wanted. Now help the future of Aladdin 4D and have it delivered wireless in ultimate black & white on your Kindle! Monthly Price: $0.99 & includes wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. If you loved it in color just image the joy and excitement of politically correct B & W. Buy and enjoy via the link below.

Aladdin 4D Blog Kindle Edition

Aladdin 4D Upgrade Offer

While we can't discount the current price of Aladdin 4D ($99) we do have an interesting offer for you. Purchase the current version of Aladdin 4D 5.0 from now until October 5th, 2009 and get a free upgrade to Aladdin 4D 6.0 on the platform of your choice when it ships. Aladdin 4D 5.0 is available as a instant download with PDF manual once you purchase it. If for some reason we do not ship Aladdin 4D 6.0 on the platform of your choice in the next 12 months then your money will be refunded and you will get to keep Aladdin 4D 5.0 as a free gift. This offer does not included the Windows version of Aladdin 4D, that will always be free when another version of 6.0 is purchased. The Windows version has no shipping date and it will be the last version completed. Please indicate which platform you wish to upgrade to when you purchase your instant download of version 5.0.

Buy Aladdin 4D 5.0 Instant Download below for your Amiga Forever 2009, WinUAE, E-UAE, Classic Amiga, Amiga OS 4.x & MorphOS 2.3. Aladdin 4D is a entry level 3D animation program for hobbyists and beginners. It still has some impressive gaseous and particle effects you will enjoy. If you outgrow Aladdin 4D 5.0 within six months and buy LightWave 3D for Mac OS X save your receipt and we will refund you $50 from today's purchase price.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teaser Screenshots from the Mac OS X version of Aladdin 4D

Mockup of Possible New Aladdin4D Website

Here is a mock up of a possible new website for Aladdin4D, please enjoy. Please give us some feedback on the site. We enjoy hearing from you. To date Aladdin 4D has sold over 18,000 copies and has a older but large installed base.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Virtual Machine Amiga Forever 2009 Recently Released!

Recently Cloanto updated their excellent Virtual Machine Amiga Forever. Cloanto's AF is one of the finest examples of virtual machine technology. It recreates all classic Amiga computer modules including ECS & AGA chipsets. It's even able to run faster than any classic Amiga ever could. Many new features are included like one-click AmiKit / AmigaSys integration. This allows setting up a high end based Amiga a piece of cake. Aladdin 4D 5.0 runs blazing fast in this virtual environment. Purchase Amiga Forever 2009 via the link below.

Amiga Forever 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aladdin 4D Tutorial Videos Coming Soon!

We recently aquired over fours hours of Aladdin 4D tutorial videos. These are older videos using the interface of the previous version (4.0) but the techniques they guide you through are still very much valid. We had heard rumors about these videos for many years but had a hard time tracking them down since they are so rare. Don't worry we will not be hording them they are being transferred as we write this post. These were unfortunately released on VHS since that was the popular format of that era. The video quality is ok but shows the limits of that format. We are capturing them as uncompressed video on the VT[5] (Video Toaster). Then they will be uploaded to the Aladdin 4D YouTube account in 10 minute chunks. They should be easier to watch and learn from that way. These are very valuable for anyone wanting to learn Aladdin 4D. Please excuse the old interface of the version in the video and instead focus on the tips and awesome techniques from the original Mr. Aladdin 4D himself Greg Gorby.

In the future we will be releasing more modern video tutorials once the new versions of the application start shipping.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Snow Leopard Number #1 on Amazon.com

Even though it does not ship for four more days Snow Leopard is already #1 in Amazon.com's Software Category even beating out the Windows version of Microsoft Office for Home & Student. That product is number three, Snow Leopard Family pack is number two. This is great news for us since we are developing the OS X version of Aladdin 4D with Snow Leopard in mind. Congratulations to Apple for making alternative operating systems viable and mainstream again. Snow Leopard can be purchase via the link below if you own a Mac OS X based computer.

Snow Leopard via Amazon

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Limited Number of The Gate into The Mind's Eye DVD's Available

Mind's Eye was a exciting journey into advanced computer animation back in 1992. This VHS video showed what the best and brightest in 3D could achieve at that time period. Sadly Mind's Eye was only ever released on VHS but one of it's sequels The Gate Into the Mind's Eye is just as impressive and can be purchased on DVD via the link below.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TrueSpace Dies!

Microsoft in it's strange wisdom killed Caligari Truespace! Sad to see this cool 3D animation software package that started on the Amiga die a horrible death on Windows. We predicted earlier in the Aladdin 4D blog that any 3D program that was only on one operating system would suffer. Link with sad news is listed below.

Truespace Dies!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Over 1 Billion Served

It's always nice to witness the birth of a new platform (iPhone). The speed of over a billion apps downloaded from the App Store is amazing. It just illustrates the changing landscape of software development and the nature of technological excellence. If you build good tech customers will quickly come. Software development today is a very different world then days gone past when Aladdin 4D was originally created. We watch and hope and dream for better days in the future.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Promoting the Competition?

We don't normally promote 3D Animation software from our competitors but this little package is just too cool not to mention. GroBoto is an amazing rendering package and it only costs $79! Don't forget to try out the 30 day demo version. GroBoto can be a software treat for you to enjoy while your waiting for new versions of Aladdin 4D. Buy for Mac OS X & Windows via the link below.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Resurrection Almost Complete!

You may have noticed the Aladdin 4D Blog has been kind of quite lately. Hard work has been going on behind the scenes though cleaning and updating code. Your patience is appreciated and the first on the new versions is getting closer to release. The resurrection of Aladdin 4D is pushing forward!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

NVidia 240 GPU Tesla Monster

NVidia is working on some very exciting 240 multicore GPU tech that future versions of Aladdin 4D may take advantage of. We will be researching and exploring this evolving technology. Learn more via the link below.

NVidia Tesla