Thursday, November 29, 2012

Slow Sailing (Day 5 of 8)

As we predicted Windows 8 with its awful Windows Phone tiled interface is destroying Windows sales. Smart Phone buyers have already rejected this interface for over two years and now Windows customers are doing the same. Windows 8 is off to a very slow start, says NPD report. Windows device sales in the U.S. fell 21 percent in the four weeks since Windows 8 debuted, versus sales from a year ago

NPD Report

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Only Surface Deep (Day 4 of 8)

Micorsoft touts its Surface tablet as an iPad killer but this is very wishful thinking. It uses the failed tiled interface from Windows Phone. This interface has failed in the market for over two years. Hopefully built in 3G or LTE is not something you looking for because Surface lacks that along with other key features. Like a beautiful woman that is shallow, vain and ungrateful. Look below the Surface to see a product you really don't want.

Reports are starting to come in on the poor build quality of the Surface tablet. The ring of death Deja Vu springs to mind as the rushed hardware is thrown on the market with little to no product testing or reliable Q&A before shipping to customers. Is it a type of "Red Ring of Death" all over again?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Broken Obsolete Windows (Day 3 of 8)

As the linked article below shows Micorsoft's failure goes beyond Windows 8. It has been building up for some time. They saved themselves with the release of Windows 7 from the multi-billion dollar mistake that was Windows Vista. But now with Windows 8 they are back to old tricks and habits with a horrible Tiled interface GUI to boot! Our resolve is absolute and clear. Aladdin 4D 6.0 will never be sold for Windows.

Microsoft Has Failed

Monday, November 12, 2012

Windows 8 Firings Begin (Day 2 of 8)

Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft senior executive who's idea it was to make regular consumer Windows look like the failed Windows Phone, has already been given his walking papers. He was a powerful executive that helped lead the MS Office devision to great sales. He even helped save the Windows brand by getting rid of Vista and introducing Windows 7, which has sold well the three years it has been on the market. But his idea to force regular Windows customers to adopt the Windows Phone tiled interface has cost him his job say some sources. Just like smart phone customers, Windows customers have no interest in the weird, clunky tiled interface on Windows Phone & Windows 8.

The head of Valve says his company is working to develop for Linux, calling Microsoft's Windows 8 a "catastrophe" that will lead product manufacturers to abandon the platform. Windows 8 is a version you best avoid. Windows sales will continue to slow as the months and years pass. Windows 8 will accelerate that decline. We kind of felt this coming long ago in 2007 when we made the decision to never sell Aladdin 4D for Windows.

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