Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Windows 8 Crushing Defeat!

As we predicted back in October 2012 Windows 8 is a complete and utter failure. The lesson here is don't try to force your customers to use a new AOL 1996 inspired hard to use interface and take away what they're used to using. Windows 8 destroyed the Windows brand way more than Apple or Google. Apple and Google are now larger organizations based on market capitalization. Microsoft got jealous of the installed base of Android and iOS and thought changing the interface of the Windows Desktop to look like Windows Phone would be a winner. Other opinions have stated they were deadly wrong and it cost Steve Ballmer his job and most of the Windows 8 team has been fired or transferred. If you need to use Windows use version 7 instead. Some customers are even happy with XP and that's up to them. We won't even mention the failure of Windows Phone 8 or the mega failure of the Microsoft Surface tablet (1.2 Billion dollars lost and counting) which also runs Windows 8. Why do we even bother talking about this silly news? Aladdin4D 6.0 will never be sold for Windows, it will be available free of charge to customers that buy a version for other platforms.

Windows 8 Failure links listed below.
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