Friday, December 28, 2007

Aladdin 4D Copy Protection

We want to go over the new proposed copy protection scheme in future versions of Aladdin 4D. Will it be dongle based? Will it be DRM based? Will it be look up a word in the manual based. The answer is .....drum roll....

None of the above! In fact Aladdin 4D will have no copy protection of any kind. The CEO of DiscreetFX still remembers days long gone on the Amiga platform. He would buy a new cool game and it would have disk based copy protection and word lookup manual based copy protection on the same title! The pirated versions of the same game would have no copy protection at all. So the pirate got a better and more functional version of the software even though they did not pay for it. He vowed that is not the way he would run a company. It may be a decision we later regret but the new version will have no form copy protection at all. What will go hand in hand with this though is you the customer don't give away copies of your purchased software. Aladdin's future depends on you the customer being honest. It is a critical time to be honest and support Aladdin 4D because it is going through the pain staking process of being revived after a long slumber. Updating and porting it to many platforms is a big task but with your support and help it will succeed.

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