Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Hunt for Greg Gorby

While we embark on our quest of evaluating and updating Aladdin 4D for the modern world we thought it would be best to contact someone that might like to have a say. It could be true that Greg Gorby is no longer alive or if he is he may not have any interest in Aladdin 4D and that would be fine. But since it was his baby at one point in his life and was the basis for his company Adspec Programming. We wanted to give him a voice on where he would like to see Aladdin 4D in 2008. What were his dreams for the package, how does he feel about the way 3D animation software has progressed? Without Greg we probably would not be writing this blog.

If anyone one talks with Greg on a regular bases or knows how to contact him please let us know. If he is interested we would like to know his feelings on Aladdin 4D. He is from Ohio and probably still lives there so we don't mind stopping by and buying lunch or dinner for him and his family.

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Steven Fenton said...

I sent him a message today. Hopefully he will respond.