Friday, August 8, 2008

The Four Headsmen of Amiga

The first time around when the Amiga was doing things other computers never even thought of doing, Ray-traced 3D animation, stereo sound, bit blitter graphics, multitasking, etc, the Amiga lost out in the platform wars. Even the Mac lost out and was replace in name alone with a much more powerful hybrid. A NeXT, FreeBSD, Unix based operating system (Mac OS X). This time around the Amiga is not alone and has four headsmen; MorphOS, Amiga OS 4.1, AROS, Amiga virtual machine (Amiga Forever 2008). The IT industry is still young and at least one or more of these will rise again and be enjoyed by millions. The Amiga itself sold over 7 million machines and it was an exciting time. How many versions of the four headsmen of the Amiga will sell in the future is unknown but we hope for exciting times again. Innovative Developers and users will make it happen this time not a solo greedy parent company. We know who you were thinking but we meant Commodore.

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