Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just a Little Hash?

A few of you have asked why we sometimes veer off topic on the Aladdin 4D Blog. It's suppose to be about that damn Aladdin 4D after all right? What you don't know is that we do it on purpose and it was slightly inspired by Martin Hashes Minutes. Who is that? Martin Hash is the CEO of Hash Inc. and they have been creating 3D animation software since the late 1980's on the Amiga. Today they are a Windows/Mac shop but they started before many others. Martin used to write some very creative and interesting minutes before Blog times. He too veered off topic many many times! Find out more about Hash Inc. below and get a sample of Martin's Minutes. Thanks Martin for inspiring us just little. Maybe you could make all your minutes available on the web again for everyone to enjoy?


Hash Inc.

Martin's Minutes

Wired Interview With Martin Hash


ASiegel said...

The obvious difference between "Martin's Minutes" and "The Aladdin 4D Blog" is that the two names create very different expectations.

Let me give you an example. If you publish a magazine called "Mac Today" that contains 30% articles with a clear relation to Mac computers and 70% content with little to no relation to Apple computers at all, you must not be surprised if your reader base is highly irritated and might even feel misguided, possibly cheated.

In contrast, a magazine called "Bill's Thoughts On Information Technologies" would not suggest to readers that they can expect articles on any particular topic as long as they are somehow related to computers.

Unfortunately, this blog is a good example for rather bad branding. It shows once more that names are not meaningless and should be carefully chosen. I do not mean to sound harsh but not paying attention to these matters could result in your company to be perceived as unprofessional and incompetent, which would be sad, unfortunate and, perhaps most importantly, completely unnecessary.

I hope you strongly consider either renaming the blog or strictly focusing on Aladdin4D and computer graphics.

Aladdin 4D said...

ASiegel you caught us stalling until the new versions of Aladdin 4D are done.