Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stench of Death!

The reason that M$ is pulling out all the stops and racing the train full speed to release Windows 7 is they know Vista already has the "Stench of Death". Vista is/was a failure and it's hurting their bottom line. The smell of death and decay is affecting the entire Windows ecosystem. Will Se7en be enough to save the brand? We doubt it. Little Asian children pimping Windows and bizarre poorly scripted launch party's are not the solution. What's next? Lady's of the evening on the corner telling John's don't forget your Windows 7 upgrade pretty please?

Once a brand is dead to customers it's very hard to bring it back. Maybe 7 will save the brand or maybe not. The patient is already dead (Vista), the Frankenstein resurrection is scheduled for October 22nd, 2009. Win or loose it should be a fun ride. The Windows version of Aladdin 4D will not be along for that ride since it's the last version we will complete. At least Windows XP users are spared the horrible but free Windows Movie Maker. It's for Vista and Win7 only thank goodness. MS should give everyone a carrot and include their recently murdered/slaughtered app Caligari trueSpace. Then the dead could walk together hand and hand.


Anonymous said...

This picture might be better for the topic

Stench of Death

;-) Oops someone took a Windows 7!

Aladdin 4D said...

Very funny and nice comparison.