Friday, January 9, 2009

Aladdin 4D Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the Aladdin keyboard shortcuts, this should help you speed up your creativity.


amiga-n new
amiga-o open
amiga-s save
amiga-a save as a4d
amiga-q quit
amiga-c clone
amiga-e extrude
amiga-r rotate
amiga-l scale
amiga-b bevel

f1 snap point
f2 snap poly
f3 join polys
f4 run arexx
f5 load
shf-f5 append
shf-f6 save
f7 toggle isometric
f8 background
ctl-f8 foreground
shf-f8 overlay
f9 preview
shf-f9 render
f10 manual entry

k refresh
a attributes
t texture
s shading
p point mode
help help

*note: this group will also work in preview screen
spacebar flat view
q quickmove
arrow up small zoom out
arrow down small zoom in
arrow left increase perspective
arrow right decrease perspective
shifted arrows move view
keypad 8 big zoom in
keypad 2 big zoom out
keypad 1,3,4,6,7,9 rotate view

ctl-t track ATP

ctl-f begin
f add
alt-f end
shf-f clear

shf-p make path
alt-p edit path
alt-o show assig. polys
ctl-o show assig. paths
ctl-p assign path

shf-k begin level
ctl-k end level
alt-k edit level

alt-t define letter
shf-t write
shf-l new light
alt-l edit light
shf-g new gas
alt-g edit gas
shf-w new wave
alt-w edit wave
shf-x new flare
alt-x edit flare
shf-y new fountain
alt-y edit fountain
shf-e new extern
ctl-e edit extern


e go to editor
p palette
f2 screen to back
f9 re-render

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