Thursday, January 15, 2009

Microsoft Sharpens the Axe, Layoff Announcements Expected Next Week!

Hey what do you know releasing substandard products that lose money year after year is not good for any company especially in the current bad economic climate. Looks like it has finally taken it's toll on M$. Layoff announcements are expected next week and could be between 6-16% per reliable sources like the Wall Street Journal and others. We expect many that were part of the original Windows Vista team will be feeling the axe. Not a good time to work in Redmond, at least for the slackers and lazy ones that have been suckling at the Windows tit for far too long.

This is long overdue and could help the company eject some losers. Being an illegal monopoly can have it's disadvantages sometimes.

M$ Layoffs Expected

WSJ Direct Link

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