Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aladdin 4D Tutorial Videos Coming Soon!

We recently aquired over fours hours of Aladdin 4D tutorial videos. These are older videos using the interface of the previous version (4.0) but the techniques they guide you through are still very much valid. We had heard rumors about these videos for many years but had a hard time tracking them down since they are so rare. Don't worry we will not be hording them they are being transferred as we write this post. These were unfortunately released on VHS since that was the popular format of that era. The video quality is ok but shows the limits of that format. We are capturing them as uncompressed video on the VT[5] (Video Toaster). Then they will be uploaded to the Aladdin 4D YouTube account in 10 minute chunks. They should be easier to watch and learn from that way. These are very valuable for anyone wanting to learn Aladdin 4D. Please excuse the old interface of the version in the video and instead focus on the tips and awesome techniques from the original Mr. Aladdin 4D himself Greg Gorby.

In the future we will be releasing more modern video tutorials once the new versions of the application start shipping.

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