Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TrueSpace Dies!

Microsoft in it's strange wisdom killed Caligari Truespace! Sad to see this cool 3D animation software package that started on the Amiga die a horrible death on Windows. We predicted earlier in the Aladdin 4D blog that any 3D program that was only on one operating system would suffer. Link with sad news is listed below.

Truespace Dies!


Don.NET said...

I would just tell you that Microsoft hasn't killed of Truespace, they in fact have included it's modeling capabilities in with their Virtual Earth technologies.

In fact there is an updated beta beyond version 7.6.. Many people still use and will continue to use this product. Typical "blame microsoft" tactic to further a competing product.

Aladdin 4D said...

Microsoft has a long history of doing this. SoftImage almost died at their hands. They are cutting lots of products in fact.





j purdie said...

Looks like MS is just doing what they did to Bars & Pipes, take a good part to use for themselves and dump the rest.

Davide said...

What the reason Microsoft bought Caligari?
They hava Killed a good Product to use his source in another project, i'm almost sure.

This is the way Microsoft works