Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mac OS X version of Aladdin 4D Development Ahead of Schedule

The famous Shuttle scene from Aladdin 4D is now working multi-platform! This is a major milestone since Shuttle is one of the most complex A4D objects. Thanks to the advance development tools provided by Apple, the Mac OS X version  of Aladdin 4D is proceeding ahead of schedule. This does not mean that the other platforms are not just as important (except the Windows version). It just means the Mac OS X version will be the first version of Aladdin 4D 6.0 that ships.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the AROS version, a demo along with AROS live cd would reach millions potential customers in an instant :)

Aladdin 4D said...

AROS is a great OS, we will not forget about it.