Monday, October 19, 2009

Market Caps and Apples

Sometimes we get asked why we don't make Aladdin 4D for Windows only and not other operating systems. The claim is with all the DELL, HP and Gateway's (now deceased/bought out) running Windows the business case is sound. Lets forget the death of Calagari trueSpace for a minute, which was Windows only.

 Many don't know this but Apple is eight times the size of Dell, larger than HP, larger than Intel, forty times the size of Acer and now 70% the size of Microsoft and closing. The business case for Aladdin 4D on Mac OS X is clear. Since DELL's, Acer's, and HP PC's run Linux as well as Windows, we don't miss out on those sales either. Once you open the curtain and look through it, the possibility's are endless in the post Windows world.

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