Thursday, February 7, 2008

Amiga Nowhere?

A customer asked us today if there will be a version of Aladdin 4D for Amiga Anywhere 2. Rumor has it this is available now for select developers. We are not really pro or anti Amiga Inc, instead we are pro results. Amiga Incorporated has a long track record of promising big but delivering little. It has harmed the Amiga brand and the Amiga market. In fact we got a good deal on Aladdin 4D because of the harm they have done to Nova Design's market. The key to Amiga Anywhere going anywhere but nowhere is 3rd party developers like DiscreetFX.

The classic Amiga's installed base of customers is huge compared to Amiga Anywheres installed base. If Amiga Inc. want Aladdin 4D on AA2 they will have to provide us with a real SDK. Don't wait for us to sign up or come calling Amiga Inc. because it will not happen. If you pay for Aladdin 4D to be ported to AA2 and if you beg it might happen. We will not be holding our breath or waiting by the phone for your call. Soon you will have owned Amiga as long as Commodore. Commodore went out of business but they did do something with Amiga that you have never done. They sold millions and millions of them. This created a vibrant 3rd party developer community. Without a vibrant 3rd party developer community for Amiga Anywhere 2 it is already dead. Amiga Inc. should be busting its ass trying to create this now, but we fear the odds of this happening is about the same as the Easter Bunny (Oschter Haws) being real. We will not be waiting for the Easter Bunny's call either but we would expect it before Amiga Inc's call.


dave said...

It's sad that Amiga inc. didn't cherish the amiga users who were loyal to the brand. Now I think that something is broken...

They will probably call you for an Amiga OS 5 version of Aladdin 4D ;-)

hhjoker said...

IMO the latest deal of Amiga Inc., hiring AVD-Developer Jamie Krueger, tends to fulfill the one and only goal they have - destroying the rest of the "Next Generation" Amiga market.

What better can serve this intention as killing further software development for this platform.

Hopefully, Jamie will do his best and still finish AVD.

@Bill: like your Aladin 4D blog very much. Keep on going!


Cesar said...

I still say the Amiga platform should be in the care of an organization that believes in the the vision by which its creator, Jay Miner, intended the machine to be.