Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hand in the Cookie Jar

What hurt Aladdin 4D before the DiscreetFX acquisition was "Hand in the Cookie Jar Syndrome". What this means is that cookies or money kept flowing out of the jar but were never put back in (R&D). This lack of research and development can work wonders for profits in the short run but can be a call of death to a software package long term. We are not dumb asses and know modernizing Aladdin 4D will take a lot of work.

Because of this fact we vow that for the first 18 months of the Aladdin 4D take over we will take zero profits from all sales. All money flowing in will go towards development, modernization, interface upgrades, advertising and paying Aladdin 4D's bills. To be totally honest the current state of affairs for the package when we took over were pretty bleak. We have yet to even sell one copy of Aladdin 4D ourselves which did surprise us a little. We thought that maybe a few Amiga fans would support us since we saved one of their software packages from certain death.

We are fine with the current state of affairs though since we are on this roller coaster ride for the long term. If you like Aladdin 4D though and are excited what the future will bring don't be a stranger.


IslandDreamer said...

Where can someone purchase Aladdin4D for the original Amiga OS? I looked all over your website and I can't find it.

Aladdin 4D said...

Send an e-mail to our sales department and someone can help you.

IslandDreamer said...

What is the email address? I tried calling the number on the DiscreetFX site and a recording says it has been temporarily disabled.