Saturday, February 2, 2008

Until Death Do Us Part

Todays average computer user replaces their machine about every three years. If they are using Windows maybe even sooner, once it slows way down because too many applications have been installed or it has a major spyware and or virus infection running rampant. Mac OS X users may keep there system a little longer but eventually OS X upgrades no longer work on old hardware after 3-4 years. Amiga owners though keep using their machines literately until the silicon wears out or the battery becomes so old it leaks on the motherboard. It speaks volumes about the quality of the product and the value the users see in it. The founder of DiscreetFX has an Amiga 1000 is his possession that was donated to us after its owner passed away.

That owner had the machine on every single day since he purchased it. The time line for this was 1985-2006, over twenty years. We tested the machine today to install a compact flash card in it. The machine booted right up and works flawlessly. This is the rich heritage that Aladdin 4D comes from. When we first took Aladdin over there was a vocal minority that called for the Amiga version to be laid to rest. For the focus to switch to Windows and Mac. When we asked this vocal minority why they want the Amiga version killed they don't really provide a good reason to do it. They mentioned that other 3D animation programs that came from Amiga adopted this policy but what does that prove? Future sales of Aladdin 4D will be generated more by listening to customers and adding features they want then platform choices. The risks and ROI generated by A4D is equally split anyway. We don't do accounting based on operating systems. Unless a Genie comes out of the lamp and grants a wish to see the future we can't even tell how many will sell. It could sell one unit or a million.

If sales are low at first we won't blame the Amiga or run away, we will just work harder on the next version. We will always look at that A1000 still puring away after all these years and strive to build a product like that, something customers love. The Amiga should inspire us all.

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