Saturday, February 14, 2009

Digital Breast Feeding

The Platform Aladdin 4D comes from (Amiga) has often been misunderstood. Like the great Leonardo da Vinci the Amiga was way ahead of it's time and did things that are even now just being understood. When it came out in 1985 other competitors spent lots of money on marketing calling it only a game machine and a toy. They lived in fear that something so far ahead would destroy their primitive less visionary products. Customers, which are most of the time pawns of huge marketing machines, also fell victim to these beliefs. The computer industry did not mind sucking at the Amiga breast while they dismissed it. Today's computers are much better thanks to the Amiga and this idea suckling. Today's Amiga scene is somewhat in chaos with several offshoots competing for that original ideal (Amiga OS 4.1, MorphOS 2.2, AROS, Amiga Virtual Machine).

This is ok and we are just glad that the Amiga exists in any form in the modern world. Those that did their best to kill it in the past now have more dangerous enemies to deal with. We predict an Amiga renaissance at some point in the future. Just as da Vinci was not appreciated at first so is it with the Amiga spirit. It's this spirit that also keeps the Amiga offshoots of Aladdin 4D alive. We could kill those off and only focus on a Mac OS X version, a Linux version or god forbid a Windows only version. But never fear, we are not that short sighted.


davebraco said...

Can't wait to have Aladdin on OS4!

Aladdin 4D said...

Us too, it will be very exciting.