Saturday, February 7, 2009

SGI in Trouble Again?

An interesting article on OSNEWS asks the question that's on everyone's mind. Is SGI in trouble again? SGI once was an exciting company with many innovations like OpenGL, O2, Super computers, etc. We still have a few Octane's and O2's kicking around and enjoyed them. The company was started by the genius billionaire Jim Clark. SGI's problems started when they lost their visionary leader and many of their talented employees. It also hurt SGI and made customers run when they stated they were switching to Windows NT and the Itanium processor. We had hoped SGI would do better once they emerged from bankruptcy. Many famous 3D animation programs and high end graphics tools got their start on Irix. SoftImage, Maya, Houdini, Xoas Tools and many more. We had explored porting Aladdin 4D to the SGI platform in the past. Too much drama and the death of the Irix operating system has made us choose not to do it.



Jim Clark





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