Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Microsoft sued over profiteering from XP downgrades!

Talk about sticking it to the customer during hard economic times. Want a new computer with Windows XP? If it's not a Netbook Microsoft will make you pay even more for it. They claim the extra cost is because you have rights to a higher end version of Vista, like Ultimate for example. But.... hello!!! Microsoft the customer does not want any version of Vista, ever! That is why they are requesting XP. Finally a brave woman is suing them over this ridiculous practice. MS is trying to spin it that they don't profit from downgrades but do you believe that? Congrats to Emma Alvarado for being brave enough to seek justice on this stupid money grubbing tactic. Crazy stuff like this reinforces the fact that we are on the right track not selling a version of Aladdin 4D for Windows.

Microsoft Getting Sued Again

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